Colour and Design

Black Windows with Grids

Prime Cap Thermally Fused Vinyl Colours

Bronze (brown) and Black – Will not fade, crack or peel as Capstock is an acrylic layer that covers – or “caps” – a vinyl profile. The acrylic layer is extruded together with the underlying vinyl profile, ensuring maximum bonding and superior durability. This is a unique option and superior to any other finish such as paint or a wrap.

Prime SuperCapSR™ is available in CAP Bronze (brown) with white on the inside, and CAP Black with white on the inside and CAP Black with black on the inside. Also available in White, Adobe, or Almond. Prime Series SuperCapSR.

This unique Prime Window Colour Option is thermally fused into the vinyl profile. The Prime Window Series incorporates superior, patent-pending, SuperCapSR™ thermally-fused color technology, which absorbs less heat to prevent heat-related profile distortion even in darker colors.

  • The most durable color solution on the market
  • Tests to 12x harder than competitive paint-applied coatings
  • High scratch resistance handles jobsite abuse better than paint, saving time and cost
  • Never needs painting – color is thermally fused into the vinyl profile
  • Superior infrared reflective performance – prevents heat buildup that causes frame distortion
  • Super durable – will not crack, peel, chip, flake or chalk like paint
  • Backed by a 20-year warranty covering defects resulting in peeling, blistering or flaking

Standard Vinyl Colours

Solid vinyl extrusions offer traditional color inside and out for windows and doors that are timeless, durable, and attractive.

Solid vinyl extrusions offer traditional color inside and out for windows and doors that are timeless, durable, and attractive.

Prime windows are available in white, almond or adobe as standard. Made of impact, corrosion, and UV resistant virgin PVC that won’t warp, crack, or fade. Frames never need painting, won’t swell or shrink in humidity, and stay rigid and leak proof because they’re welded.

Prime Almond Windows

Cardinal Stainless Steel Spacer Colour Option
The Cardinal stainless steel standard colour is stainless steel. Optional is a Cardinal black stainless steel spacer. This may be a nice design feature if you are going with black on the inside and outside of your new vinyl windows.


Grids are available on any window in just about any combination. These grid dividing systems sections are sandwiched between glass panes in dual and triple-glazed windows. They are easy to clean and can be colour matched to the colour of the window frame.

Grid Sizes
Grid Sizes

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)
Offer the authentic look of True Divided Lites without sacrificing energy efficiency. Interior and exterior bars are permanently adhered to the glass and an optional narrow spacer / shadow bar is positioned within the insulating glass airspace.

Patterns and Colours

Just about any pattern is available along with a matching colour of the window

  • Colonial and Cape Cod Styles
  • Prairie Style
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Cottage Farmhouse
  • Tudor Styles
  • Victorian and Neo-Victorian
  • Modern or Contemporary Homes

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