Manage your Home Renovations with House Smart Financing Options

We offer financing options with Finance It and Simply Group Financial

Create the home you want, with the help of Finance It!

Financing a loan for remodeling can provide comfort and value now. A low Interest rate, improved energy efficiency benefits may bring the costs down even further, depending on your circumstances. The additional option of spreading payments over a long period of time can make the use of a loan a very affordable and attractive financing option.

Savings: You get a competitive interest rate and there are no administration fees. You can also choose repayment options that help you reduce the overall cost of borrowing.

Simple: We offer fast and affordable financing that can help you make the right long-term decision when it comes to improving, renovating and upgrading your home.

Flexibility: You can choose the amortization period that works with your cash flow and budget.

Simple Online Application, fast and easy pre-approval, nothing down and you can pay off the loan anytime with no penalty!

Simply Group Financial

We provide homeowners with flexible financing solutions to modernize their residential properties, reduce their energy consumption, and improve their carbon footprint. We’ve helped thousands of Canadians from coast-to-coast upgrade their properties by providing over $1.7B in home improvement financing.

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