BC Rebates

Rebates available for Windows, Doors and Heating / Cooling

Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors

Enjoy a $100 in-house rebate on every vinyl window and patio door from House Smart – quality
products and savings every day! Call us today for more information.
Combine this offer with the CleanBC Windows & Doors Replacement Rebate of up to $2,000
($100 off each window & door with a UV Factor of 1.22 or below) to maximize your savings!

Get the CleanBC Windows & Doors rebate of up to $2,000 for installing energy-efficient windows with a U-Factor 1.22 (W/m2-K) or less (eligible to be combined with The Greener Homes Loan, while available).

The Greener Homes Federal Loan offers up to $40,000 in interest-free financing for 10 years to encourage homeowners to make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes with new, energy-efficient windows, or heating/cooling systems.

To gain access to this loan opportunity, windows must have a U-factor of 1.22 or less, which requires a Triple Pane upgrade to your glazing option. For heating and cooling, you must select a systems on the approved products list and have your installation done by a member of the Home Performance Contract Network; be sure to complete your EnerGuide Home Inspection prior to ordering. House Smart will perform your evaluation and installation, call us today to confirm your eligibility in any of these programs!

CleanBC Heat Pump Rebates

$3,000 Rebate (for qualifying heat pumps, mini & multi split systems, and dual fuel systems). CleanBC “Income Qualified Program” for qualifying heat pumps, mini & multi split systems $9,500 Rebate (maximum)…call today to see if you qualify for this program!

Electric Service Upgrade Rebate

$500 Rebate (for 100, 200, or 400 amp service upgrades, if required).

Municipal Top-Ups Available (combine with the above CleanBC Heat Pump Rebates)
District of North Vancouver Heat Pump Top-Up: $2,000 Rebate
District of West Vancouver Heat Pump Top-Up: $2,000 Rebate

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