French Doors

Trimlite Fibreglass French Doors
French Doors can swing in or out with full length glass. Add Mini blinds for privacy or grids for a modern or traditional look. French doors can provide much more light for a room with wide open access to your deck or patio. One door will lock, the other will have deadbolt top and bottom. Add Hardware on both sides for a consistent look.

Masonite Garden Door
Garden doors feature two door panels with one used as an entryway and the other used for ventilation. In-swing doors offer one operable and one fixed door and include a fixed screen. Out-swing doors offer one operable and one venting panel door and include a fixed screen. The venting panel opens using a crank handle similar to a window, allowing as little or as much ventilation as you wish. Similar to a swinging patio door, garden doors make excellent entry points to outdoor recreation areas like backyards, gardens and patios.

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