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Replacement Windows Come in Many Sizes and Styles.


In this Article We will Go Over Some Signs of Window Deficiencies and Different Styles of Windows.

How Do I Know if I Need New Windows?

Below are just some of the indicators that windows need replacing. House Smart Home Improvements experienced professionals will evaluate your windows in a Free In-Home Consultation.

Some Different Styles of Windows….


  • Vinyl Casements are a popular choice. The handsome construction, ample glass exposure and crank out hardware mechanism impart refreshing ventilation and aesthetic appeal.
  • Concealed hinges open 90 degrees making cleaning of exterior glass easy.
  • Premium vinyl frames and sashes never need painting and will not rust, peel or corrode.


  • Similar to casement, these windows have crank out hardware, but are hinged at the top.
  • Opening up and out, awning windows offer a unique decorating accent while also providing convenient ventilation with just the touch of a handle.
  • Premium vinyl frames and sashes never need painting and will not rust, peel or corrode.
  • Often used in places where it’s difficult to push or pull open a window, for example, above a kitchen sink

Double Hung – Tilt

  • A double hung vinyl window has either two sashes that move up and down or both can tilt into the room (providing easy cleaning).
  • Double hung windows provide a traditional look, while optimizing air flow.
  • An ideal style for bedrooms, offices, and kitchens, they are also an excellent choice for children’s rooms as the bottom can be closed with only the top open, making it a safer choice for young children.

Double Hung – Slide

  • A slider window is a window that opens by sliding the windows panes side to side on a track in the window frame.
  • It’s a good window style choice when the size of the window is much wider than it is high.
  • These windows are available in single sliders with one moveable sash, 2-lite sliders where both sash move and a 3-lite slider for large openings that has a fixed picture window in the center with operable window sliders on each end.

Single Hung – Tilt

  • Single hung windows have a similar appearance and operation to double hung with the major difference being only a single operating sash.
  • The top sash is fixed and the bottom sash tilts in for easy cleaning.
  • Premium vinyl frames and sashes never need painting and will not rust, peel or corrode.

Single Hung – Slide

  • Our single hung slide windows have a classic look with energy efficiency of vinyl.
  • Smart option for walls with limited horizontal space
    Sleek sashes glide horizontally for effortless opening and closing.
  • Premium vinyl frames and sashes never need painting and will not rust, peel or corrode.
  • Available in standard and custom sizes

Bay Windows

  • Come with a seat or walk-in option (you walk into the bay area)
  • Vinyl bay windows typically consist of a large window between two double hung or casement windows joined together to form one large viewing area.
  • These are a decorative type of window that projects outward from the wall. It’s common to see a vinyl bay window with a padded seating area underneath the windows to provide a comfortable place to enjoy views, otherwise known as a sit-down bay.

Bow Windows

  • These windows have sliders that are either vertically or horizontally placed.
  • Single hung: has a fixed sash on one side and an operating sash on the other.
  • Double hung: two operating sashes.
  • Often these windows lift out or tilt out for easy cleaning.
  • Bow windows are similar to bay, but have softer angles.

Picture / Fixed Windows

Picture (Direct Set)
Picture windows have a sealed unit glazed directly into the window from. These non-operational windows feature a low profile frame to maximize glass surface, allowing a beautifully clear, unobstructed view. They can also be customized to match adjacent operational windows.

Fixed windows are also non-operational windows, designed to let in light and add expansive views. The difference between Fixed and Picture windows lies in the frame size. Fixed windows have larger frames and are built to match the sitelines of accompanying operating windows, for a beefier, more contemporary look.

Energy Star Windows

At House Smart Home Improvements, we use Energy Star Windows! Energy Star Windows come in all styles, are of the highest quality, offering you the greatest comfort with less energy used.

Energy Star Windows can reduce condensation and outside noise, reduce heating costs, and increase comfort by regulating temperature in hot and cold seasons.

ENERGY STAR® is an internationally recognized symbol that indicates superior energy-efficiency in its class.

Find Out More About ENERGY STAR® Labeled Windows

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